Lee's Traditional Taekwondo


Master Dae Hoon Lee

Master Dae Hoon Lee, a veteran of Tae Kwon Do since the age of nine, schooled under the traditional system of Moo Duk Kwon in Seoul Korea . In 1972 he received his black belt. While in Junior High School, his family immigrated to the United States . Master Lee continued his training in Sarasota, Florida, under Grand Master Jung Soo Park until his relocation in early 1982. At that time Grand Master Won Ki Hong settled in Sarasota and Master Lee continued his Tae Kwon Do education under him. Master Lee quickly gained the reputation among the students as their favorite Head Instructor.

Master Dae Hoon Lee

During these years Master Lee participated in and won numerous state and national collegiate championships as well as competing internationally. In 1988 he was in residence at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and trained with the 1988 Olympic team. In 1990 to expand and further his knowledge in Tae Kwon Do he trained at the Kyung Hee University in Soo Won , Korea , where many of the world and Olympic champions attended. Like his Father, a well known Artist in Korea , Master Lee loved and studied the arts extensively. He attended the Ringling School of Art & Design with a degree in graphics and illustration. After graduating he set off to Chicago to pursue his personal life and career. It was not long before he heard from his former students in Sarasota , and it became the decisive turning point in his life. “I was influenced into believing I could make a bigger difference by sharing the beliefs and philosophies of Tae Kwon Do.” He ultimately put aside his art career and followed his heart back to Sarasota and to a Tae Kwon Do career. He now runs one of the nations most successful Schools. In addition to traditional classes he personally trains his own Olympic Training Team, as well as a top notch demonstration team. His Olympic program has produced national champions. Master Lee says, “I strongly feel that I must help others pursue their dreams and careers.” He is Vice President of American Tae Kwon Do Organization, Secretary of the World Chang Moo Kwon Association, member of the USTU National Tournament Committee, and former National Team Coach. Master Lee holds both 7 th Degree A.T.O and 6 th Degree W.T.F.

In past times martial arts instructors mainly focused on the physical aspects of the art, to enhance the athletic abilities of the student. Master Lee emphasizes combining the older Eastern philosophies with the Western approach of teaching. Master Lee’s vision for the future is that everyone understand that martial arts are for everyone, no matter the age. His personal philosophy is “S. S. L.” meaning “Smile, Sweat, and Learn.” Ultimately he hopes to bring the two philosophies together for a more balanced martial arts experience.